How To – Throw A Great Yard Sale

  • Moving is a great time to sort your stuff and simplify. What better time to reduce the burden of material things. You’ll even save time and money on the move itself. With a good yard sale you could even earn some cash. Here’s a few tips to throwing a successful yard sale.

    1. Fair Weather - Check the long range forecast and don’t advertise until you know your date is looking good. Yard sale turnouts are very weather-dependent. Time it right!

    2. Early Birds - The earlier you open, the earlier you can close. There are lots of pros out there in any town and they’ll come just about as early as you’re willing to open. If you’re having fun, stay open longer for the stragglers.

    3. Party! - If you’re set for a weekend morning sale, invite your friends over the night before - get some pizza and see if you don’t sell some of the big ticket items.

    4. Price It Right - This is tricky. Don’t be too emotional about pricing or too fixated on the original retail price. You want to move this stuff today, so make it an honest deal. Put price tags on everything and be sure to get small bills and change from the bank beforehand.

    5. Merchandize - Lay things out by department like a store. Take time to make tables look good, not overly cluttered and you’ll build trust which leads to bigger sales.

    6. Like With Like - For lots of similar items (ideally with a similar price) put them all in one bin together and people can hunt for bargains.

    7. Spread The Word - Mention big ticket, common and popular items to draw attention. Use craigslist, the grandaddy of secondhand, and your local free weeklies to advertise. Put it out on social media for sure. Maybe even ask for a share.

    8. Simple Signs - Make them easy to read. Post signs near busy intersections surround your home, but also in target neighborhoods. Make yourself a map of signs posted so you can take them all down easily.

    9. Partner Up - Ask if your neighbors would like to join and hold their own sale on the same day. Bigger advertising claim will draw bigger crowds. It’s a nice way to work together one last time before you move.

    10. Don’t Forget Safety - Keep cash on your person or in a box that is constantly manned. Work in pairs if at all possible. One person roaming the salesfloor and the other keeping watch and handling transactions.

    11. Donate - Typically you’ll have some stuff left behind. Don’t forget to slash prices at the end of the day. But whatever you’ve got can be donated to a local mission-based thrift store. If you need help, there are lots of good junk removal service providers and we can even connect you to some good ones.

    Thanks for reading! And here’s to happy moving!

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