How To – Reduce the Impact of Your Move

  • Moving consistently rates high on the list of most stressful life events. We know that and that’s why we started this site. There’s also stress on the planet and we want to address that too. Here’s a few tips to help reduce the impact of your move for you and the planet.

    1. Simplify - get a head start. Make this your first step. As far in advance as you can, sort through your stuff and scale down. Have bins, bags or boxes handy for sorting into donate, recycle or waste. Go room by room. Tackle the attic, basement or storage locker first and the rest will seem easy.

    2. Sell or donate - Have a yard sale a few weeks before you move. A nice way to collaborate with your neighbors one last time if they’re interested too. If you have a lot of good stuff, try eBay or Craigslist for top dollar. And as much as you can, donate the remainder to a mission-based community thrift shop.

    3. Get Junk - Local junk-removal services will help take away the unsellable and a good one will help sort what’s reusable, recyclable and not. We can help you find good partners in many cities.

    4. Reusable Moving Boxes - Save time, money and waste by renting reusable plastic moving boxes from a provider such as FROGBOX. They deliver right to your home, you pack and move, and they pick up when you’re done. Less stress and lower impact.

    5. Good Move - Use a good mover who is licensed and bonded. Some movers specialize in reducing their own impact. Whether by focussing on smaller moves or a particular geographic area. See what you can find locally - we can help.

    6. Right Size - If you’re doing it yourself, get the smallest vehicle that will fit all your stuff in one load. Unless the distance is really short, it usually makes sense to take fewer trips. Less stress for you and the planet.

    7. Start Early - The one thing that will surely reduce your stress is giving yourself lots of time to pack.

    8. Repurpose Soft Stuff - For packing up many of your breakables you can repurpose your linens and even clothes for protection. This will save on one-time use products and space (be sure to dust the breakables!). Use bubble wrap or packing paper where needed.

    9. Clean Green - A deep clean (or two) is part of every move. Use the greenest cleaning products that you can. Some you can make yourself like vinegar and water to clean glass. Or hire a professional green cleaner. We can help you find these folks.

    10. Stop Spam Mail - If you’re still getting junk mail, you can reduce it tremendously by opting out with one of these services: DMAchoice, OptOutPrescreen and Catalog Choice. It’s a good time to eliminate this wasteful distraction.

    11. Healthy Eating - Moving day will require a lot of energy. Plan ahead to be sure you can eat well throughout the day. And especially for starting the day right with a good breakfast - whatever healthy/hearty option works best for you. Have healthy snack options on hand for throughout the day and plenty for the whole team. Fruit, veggies, energy bars, etc.

    12. Plan to Unpack - Set doable goals for yourself. Plan to unpack a certain number of boxes - or a particular area - each day. Don’t add stress by rushing. And reward yourself often.

    Thanks for reading! Here’s to happy moving!

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