How To – Pack A First Night Box

  • The dust of moving day has barely settled - the movers are gone, the pizza is cold and the beer is warm - now where's your toothpaste? Moving is a big deal. You've got to pack and transport every single thing you own. It's not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the sheer chaos of it all. But minimizing your stress is what we're all about. Here's one simple step for staying zen on move day: pack for the first night like you're taking a trip and include one box of essentials.

    Travel to your new pad - you moved everything you need so you'll have everything you need, but treating the first days like you're travelling will keep you organized. Have everyone pack a small piece of luggage with a couple of days clothes and all their toiletries.  No airport security screenings - pack the big shampoo.  Also, use one box that is clearly labelled and stays with you through the move for essential supplies.  Pack anything you might need in the first few days:

    • toiletries - especially medications
    • toilet paper
    • phone charger
    • flashlight
    • documents like insurance, passport, etc.
    • spare clothes - for work and play
    • snacks - a variety
    • water bottle, coffee mug
    • don't forget your pet's essentials either

    We hope this helps you to have a great first night in your new pad. Thanks for reading! Here's to happy moving!

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