How To – Moving Tips from A Professional Organizer

  • Moving your pad? Making a plan is a big part of what we want to help you do. Here’s some tips from a professional organizer friend of ours who helps people move all the time.

    1. Strategize - begin organizing and packing a month or more before your move date. Try our checklist. Reach out to a professional. Giving yourself more time means less stress. Start with things you aren’t really using at the time - like ski clothes, winter coats, books on the shelf, games, etc. Most importantly - sort your stuff.

    2. Sort - donate/recycle/garbage - have designated area(s) with bags and/or boxes labelled for stuff that can be donated, recycled or needs to be thrown away. Haven’t worn a piece of clothing for more than two years? You can probably donate it. The same goes for books, toys and housewares/decorations. If you don’t use it - it eventually just becomes a burden to you. More stuff to deal with - especially during your move. Check with local recycling organizations to find out how to properly deal with a variety of items - (like don’t throw old paint or batteries in the garbage!)

    3. Junk Your Food - Unlike wine, most food, vitamins and even toiletries do not get better with age. Go through your pantry, fridge, cupboards, medicine cabinet and bathrooms to sort any expired or unusable items.

    4. Decide Later - Have a “maybe box” for stuff that’s hard to decide on. Let it stay there for a couple of days. Often you’ll find a decision easier to make after a little time. Deciding in a batch can save time as well rather than interrupting your fastidious packing.

    5. Use What You Got - Luggage, totes, cardboard, etc. Stuff you already have is useful for packing. It’ll take up space if it’s empty and you have to move it anyway so you may as well fill it. If they’re super dusty from a decade in the attic, be sure to give them a quick cleaning first.

    6. Rent Your Moving Boxes - Plastic tote rental can be a major time-saver. Companies like FROGBOX will deliver, you pack and move, and they pick up when you’re done. They’re easier and quicker to work with. Your stuff is better protected - try putting a cardboard box down in a puddle! And they’ll lower the impact of your move. They’re kid friendly too - I have seen a child’s most important toy accidentally packed up more than once. Now all you have to do is open the lid rather than cut open and re-tape a cardboard box.

    7. Protection - Use your linens to pad the bottom and between other breakable items. Don’t pack all your sheets and towels together. They can save you money and space on packing materials.

    8. Labels - label every single box. Label on the side so you can still read it when they’re stacked. Destination room as well or instead of just contents.

    Thanks to Limor Friedman at Vancouver In The Box. Contact her at 778.228.6976 or

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