How To – Move With Pets

  • Moving is definitely stressful for you and it’s surely stressful for your pets too. They aren’t privy to the decision making so the whole thing is quite a surprise. Here’s a few tips to keeping your furry friends comfortable through the move process.

    Before You Move

    • List the essentials: food (dry/wet), water, treats, medications, leashes, poop bags, pet carrier, toys, overnight bag, and so on.

    • See the doctor - it’s a good time to ensure that vaccinations are up to date and to refill any prescriptions. Collect vet records and if appropriate - get a recommendation for a vet near your new home.

    • Know the drive - be confident of your driving route beforehand so that you can keep the car-time to a minimum. Most pets don’t like the car too much.

    • Groom for success - as appropriate to the type of pet - grooming beforehand could minimize the shedding induced by the stress of the move. Good for your new pad too.

    • Inspect the new pad - be sure your new pad is pet-friendly and remove any hazards.

    Move Day

    • Consider boarding - with all the distractions of the day, you may want to board your pet so they don’t get ignored or lost in the process.

    • Have an extra hand - can someone be the dedicated handler for the day? Even if you’re short on labour make sure someone is taking responsibility for the four-legged friends.

    • Take them in your car - if it’s possible make sure they get to make the ride in your car or one that is familiar to them. They appreciate familiarity, especially at times of change.

    • Trick with treats - having a few extra treats will surely distract and smooth over a bit of the extra stress.

    • Make time to play - take a break to play in your pet’s favourite way. Have a walk around the new hood.

    • Give them space - set them up with an area that can be theirs. Something as similar as possible to their old space in relation to the home. And be sure to pad it with plenty of familiar toys.

    After You Move

    • Update their info - if your pets have microchips or tags, be sure to update these with the relevant organizations.

    • Stay inside - cats and dogs should be kept inside as much as they normally would or more for a few days to help acclimatize. Especially cats.

    Thanks for reading! We hope you and your pets have a happy move!

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