How To – Move to College With Less Stress

  • Summer is great but it can’t last forever. When Fall returns and it’s time to move back to school, here’s a few tips to having more fun and less stress.

    1. Live Simply - Be realistic about the space you have. You don’t necessarily need to bring every single possession and then struggle with yourself and roommates to find room for it all.

    2. Appliance Plan - If you are living with roommates, call ahead and figure out which essentials (small appliances, tv, etc) each of you have and is wanting to bring. Match your awesome french press, with your roommates 50” tv rather than both of you bring both those things.

    3. Protective Blanky - Save some time and money by using your linens and clothing to protect your breakables. Use recycled packing paper and bubble wrap, etc only as needed rather than as first option.

    4. Rent Your Boxes - Use FROGBOX or a similar reusable moving box rental system to take the stress out of packing. They deliver, you pack and move and they pick up when you’re done. Just make sure they’re in both cities.

    5. New To You - A lot of college furniture gets tossed out each year. Shop secondhand stores for quality used stuff. You’ll save a lot of money, reduce your footprint and find groovier goods to deck your pad out in style.

    6. Get A Van, Man - Book the right size vehicle early. Small truck or van will usually do. Save multiple trips by getting something big enough for everything, and save fuel, by making sure it’s not way too big either.

    7. Travel Bag - Pack a small bag, duffel, piece of luggage as if you were going on a weekend trip. Be sure to have toiletries and a few days worth of clothes together. That way you can take a little time unpacking. You won’t have to scour through every box to find some undies. And you can connect with your friends asap.

    Learn something every day!

    Thanks for reading! Here’s to happy moving!

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