How To – Choose a Mover

  • There are many good movers out there. And there’s a few bad apples that sometimes tarnish the industry as a whole. You need to be able to trust your mover. They’re going to handle just about everything you own. It’s our purpose here at MoveYourPad to help make moving easier. Connecting you to reputable, trustworthy and efficient movers is part of that. This blog will help you choose a mover too.

    Select your services - do you need just a move from A to B? Will you pack and unpack yourself? Do you need short term storage? Long term storage? Some movers, typically medium and large ones, offer all of these, whilst most smaller movers focus on being experts at A to B.

    Compare - Get quotes and speak with at least three movers. Many will allow you to submit online forms, some may even estimate right from these, but this is a people-driven industry so we recommend talking to your movers beforehand. It’s usually the fastest way to discuss the proper scope and particulars and get the most accurate quote. You’ll also get a personal feel for their communication and character. Be sure to ask about any additional fees/taxes. Most movers charge for travel time, but some won’t mention this upfront. Transparency is always preferred.

    Flate rate vs hourly - Most movers are still doing hourly, but some will quote flat rate and that means what they quote is what you pay. Typically flat-rate movers are the most efficient and it’s in their best interest to get the job done quickly rather than drag it out to gain more revenue.

    Yelp/BBB/reviews - Check what people say about them. Even the greatest mover will have a few complaints, but see what most people say. Be very wary of repeated claims of dishonesty or bad experiences.

    Timing - you’ll have more options if you can move mid-month. Most of the best small movers get booked very early for the end of the month. Mid-month has more availability and sometimes lower rates.

    Check out our resources here for finding movers in your local area.

    Thanks for reading and happy moving!

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