10 Nice Things To Do In Your New Neighborhood

  • A new pad is more than just a new pad, it’s also quite possibly a new neighborhood or community. Even if the distance was far, it’s a time of change and a good time to try out some new habits - new ways of doing good in your community. Once you’ve settled into your new neighborhood, it can sometimes be challenging to meet new people, make friends and differentiate the great neighbors from the crazy ones. Below are ten ways to make the transition a little easier and do a little more good in the process. They can be done wherever you are, whenever you like, but we suggest that moving is a great time to try something new.

    1. Donate Old Toys, Books and Clothes
    This is actually a good one to do before you move. It’ll reduce your burden of stuff to actually move, simplify your life and help somebody else out all at once. Nothing forces a stuff purge like moving does, so drop off all your gently used and outgrown toys and books to a shelter and relax knowing how much less you have to bring with you.

    2. New Routes
    It’s a good time to consider how you get to work. Maybe you’ve been driving but now you can take an easy bus or even walk. Maybe a new neighbor is a good candidate for a carpool. Could you bike from the new place? Shake up your habits and try something new. Time on the bus could be used to read, biking could squeeze in a bit of exercise you’d been missing, or carpooling might build a relationship to a new neighbor. Do some research in your first few days or even before you move.

    3. Baking Builds Bonds
    There’s a chance that your new place is related to a new job. Start things off positively with an offer of tasty treats. Even a simple recipe can bring smiles to a whole crowd. Even if your job didn’t change, it might be a nice time to do something for the team.

    4. Get Active
    People were made to move about and too often we spend our whole day sitting down. A few minutes of activity everyday can improve your well being. See what’s close to your new home - yoga, gym, trails, community centers. Don’t want to go outside? Have a dance party in your living room!

    5. Eat Local
    Another great way to connect to the community is to try all the restaurants that are convenient to your new pad. Typically these are local small businesses that would love your support - their owners, staff and patrons are probably local folk who you’d like to know. Don’t be a total shut-in: get out and some favourites and spend money that supports your community.

    6. Help Someone Cross the Street
    Notice someone struggling to carry too much or simply an elder who could use a hand? Well help em out. It’s easy to say you’re being polite and let people carry on with their own business, but lending a hand is a wonderful way to make two people feel a lot better.

    7. Leave Some Change in the Laundry Room for Someone Else
    You get all the way to the laundry room and realize you forgot your money. You feel silly as you make an entire extra trip for a few quarters. Next time you’ve got a surplus - leave a few behind with a note to say who they are from and that you are new but not a weirdo.

    8. Say “Hi”
    In a new neighborhood we might be intimidated. But don’t lose any time to that. Start meeting your neighbors. Say hello or hi or howdy to folks on the street. Gentle eye contact and a smile can make the day for both of you. Worst case scenario, you get a head nod. Best case, you get a high five! Don’t be shy, say hi!

    9. Mail A Postcard
    Email replaced real mail over the last ten years. Take moving as a great opportunity to send a little note to a friend or family and let them know that you are thinking about them. Bonus points for recycled paper and pretty stamps. This is also a great way to let people know that you’ve moved.

    10. Volunteer Your Time Toward Your Passions
    You can volunteer in thousands of ways. Choose to do it with something that you love and you’ll be much more likely tol be great at it, make new friends and have a lot more fun.

    This post brought to you by Katie from "A Little More Good" For even more ways to do good in your new hood, download the free e-book "100 Ways To Do A Little More Good"

    Thanks for reading! Here’s to happy moving!

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